Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A guidebook for Development Planners

Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planners (the Guidebook) provides a detailed treatment of climate concerns in coastal areas. The Guidebook proposes an approach for assessing vulnerability to climate change and climate variability, developing and implementing adaptation options, and integrating options into programs, development plans, and projects at the national and local levels. This is known as a vulnerability and adaptation or V&A approach.

Scanning the Conservation Horizon A Guide to Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

This guide published by the US National Wildlife Association may have some use for Australian counterparts. The document states that "Scanning the Conservation Horizon is designed to assist fish and wildlife managers and other conservation and resource professionals to better plan, execute, and interpret climate change vulnerability assessments."

Designing Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives

This Toolkit aspires to support all those involved in the design of measurable, verifiable, and reportable adaptation initiatives. It provides step-by-step guidance. As such, it seeks to answer the following question: What are the basic steps in planning and designing an adaptation initiative?

Planning for Climate Change: Guidance and Model Policies for Local Authorities

This report intents to act as a guide to help councils manage climate change. It is a high-order document that introduces a framework and useful guiding principles. Although UK-focussed, it provides interesting commentary and ideas for planning for energy security and the electrification of transport.

Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Projects

A useful web site which has a range of tools and resources for those planning to undertake adaptation planning. Although this website seems to have a focus on developing countries there are still many useful resources for Australian councils. In particular the checklists (located on the left hand side) would help a council frame the information a processes required to undertake a climate change risk and adaptation plan.