green roofs

City Climate Change Adaptation through Living walls and Green roofs

In these slides from a presentation by Graeme Hopkins (Fifth Creek Studio) outlines how living walls and green roofs can help facilitate both climate change adaptation and mitigation. This presentation provides a very useful overview of the benefits of green roofs and living walls and further cements the fact that landscape architects play a crucial role in the implementation of adaptation actions.

Heat Islands Understanding and Mitigating Heat in Urban Areas

Book blurb reads: "Heat islands are urban and suburban areas that are significantly warmer than their surroundings. Traditional, highly absorptive construction materials and a lack of effective landscaping are their main causes. Heat island problems, in terms of increased energy consumption, reduced air quality and effects on human health and mortality, are becoming more pressing as cities continue to grow and sprawl. This comprehensive book brings together the latest information about heat islands and their mitigation.