green roof

Green roofs for a wide brown land: Opportunities and barriers for rooftop greening in Australia

There is increasing public, industry and government interest in establishing green roofs in Australian cities due to their demonstrated environmental benefits. While a small number of green roofs have been constructed in Australia, most are roof gardens or intensive green roofs.

Green roof retrofit potential in the central business district

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the potential for green roof retrofit to commercial buildings in a city centre to property managers and other property professionals.

Heat Island Effect

This website provides links to a wealth of resources on the heat island effect. The resources include over 100 presentations (as PDF's) and podcasts from 1998 through to June 2010 and is updated regularly.

Green Roofs as an Adaptation to Climate Change: Modelling the Green Roof at the Burnley Campus, the University of Melbourne

This report presents a study on green roofs (roofs that have vegetation planted on them). The findings of the study show that green roofs can decrease the energy required to cool a room in summer by 48%.