Final Report: Cross-Scale Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in Local Government, Australia

The report outlines the theoretical and conceptual framework underpinning the research, and explains the methodology and activities undertaken to gather data throughout the project. The study used a mixed-methods social research approach, drawing on interviews, case examples and stakeholder workshops, and including participants from within local government and also located in other government agencies and industry groups.

Adapting Adaptation: A Critical Governance Analysis of the English Eco-town Initiative

Adaptation for climate change has become a key policy driver in the UK under the guidance of both the Department of Climate Change, and the Department of Communities and Local Government. Among the various practical initiatives, the proposed ten new ‘eco-towns’ for England (four of which are currently under development) are particularly emblematic of current climate change adaptation strategies.

Adapting Institutions to Climate Change

This UK Royal Commission report explores how institutions can develop the capacity to implement climate change adaptation actions.