food security

Ireland at Risk - Critical Infrastucture: Adaptation to Climate Change

This report explores adaptation issues for three of Ireland's key infrastructural areas: water supply, flood alleviation, and energy infrastructure. It provides useful strategies associated for managing water supply, food security, flood management and energy supply. It also provides an overview While this report is Ireland specific there are many actions that can be replicated at the Australian local government level. The report also highlights some interesting international case studies of extreme weather events on infrastructure.

Gender, Climate Change and Health: draft Discussion Paper

In this paper, available information on the differential links between climate change and the health of women and men has been collated and analyzed through the perspectives of: (a) direct and indirect health consequences; and, (b) the possible interaction of biological and social risk factors in determining these impacts. The overall aim of this work is to provide a framework for gendered health risk assessment and adaptation/mitigation actions in relation to climate change.