food secuirty

Securing the Future Adaptation Plan: Manningham Council

This is the Manningham Council's adaptation plan, which considers the confluence of climate change, food security and peak oil. "The guiding principles of the plan are resourcing, relocalising and responding, to enable service continuity, growing resilience and leadership. The goals of the plan include risk management, knowledge and advocacy, connecting and integrating, transition and innovation, empowering communities and responsive governance.

Food Systems, Climate Change Adaptation and Human Health in Australia

"This discussion paper reviews the current state of science to reveal key issues and gaps in the fields of human health and food systems research, with implications for Australia’s capacity to adapt to climate change. It uses a food systems approach to identify observed and potential climate change impacts along the food chain and highlights the direct and indirect pathways to health outcomes."

Environmental Consequences of Ocean Acidification: A Threat to Food Security

This is a short but well referenced fact sheet / mini report on the consequences of ocean acidification. The document introduces the reader to ocean acidification and then discusses the threats to fisheries, coral reefs and aquaculture. A very informative read about the threats that climate change presents to food security.

Framework for Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans for Agriculture in Western Australia

This report presents a framework for those in the agricultural industry wishing to undertake a climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan. This is a good resource for those who are new to the process of risk assessments and adaptation plans.