Academic Earth: Climate change leture series

This freely available lecture series explores the issue of climate change through 12 lectures (each approximately 1hr 30mins). The subjects explored are: The Science of Climate Change The Economics of Climate Change Financing Adaptation Insurance The International Climate Regime Engaging the Developing World Climate Change and Biodiversity Climate and Trade Law: The Biofuels Problem Massachusetts v. EPA and its Aftermath Putting a Price on Carbon - Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax Current Federal Statues and Litigation State initiatives

Attitudes to Climate Change: Results of an Online Survey

The survey conducted by CSIRO "is part of a research program that seeks to understand the ways in which Australians understand climate change and climate change adaptation." This report contains highlights from the survey from over 5,000 participants.

An Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation

A brief but useful presentation which introduces climate change adaptation. The topics explored include why adaptation is essential, types of impacts by sector and the types of adaptation actions that need to occur. Please note that all examples are from the USA.  The second URL link navigates you to the audio version of this presentation (21 minutes).

Engaging the Public With Climate Change

Blurb from the publisher reads: "Despite increasing public awareness of climate change, our behaviours relating to consumption and energy use remain largely unchanged. This book answers the urgent call for effective engagement methods to foster sustainable lifestyles, community action, and social change. Written by practitioners and academics, the chapters combine theoretical perspectives with case studies and practical guidance, examining what works and what doesn't, and providing transferable lessons for future engagement approaches.

Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in New Brunswick Municipalities

This report is a review of the capacity of New Brunsick to adapt to climate change. Although it is very US-specific, Australian councils could easily replicate the framework to ascertain their own capacity to adapt to climate change.


Climate Change: How to Report the Story of the Century

This website provides a useful overview of promoting the issue of climate change and engaging potential sceptics. It discusses how to communicate uncertainty and complex science. It provides the reader with a journalistic approach to a communication strategy.


Chicago Climate Change Action Plan: Strategy 5 - Adaptation

The Chicago Climate Change Action Plan includes activities to manage heat, pursue innovative cooling, protect air quality, manage stormwater, implement green urban design, preserve plants and trees, engage the public, engage business and plan for the future.