ecosystem management

Scanning the Conservation Horizon A Guide to Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

This guide published by the US National Wildlife Association may have some use for Australian counterparts. The document states that "Scanning the Conservation Horizon is designed to assist fish and wildlife managers and other conservation and resource professionals to better plan, execute, and interpret climate change vulnerability assessments."

Convenient Solutions to an Inconvenient Truth

This report by the World Bank identifies ecosystem-based climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Chapter three is dedicated to adaptation. As is described by the author, "Protected areas, and the natural habitats within them, can protect watersheds and regulate the flow and quality of water, prevent soil erosion, influence rainfall regimes and local climate, conserve renewable harvestable resources and genetic reservoirs, and protect breeding stocks, natural pollinators, and seed dispersers, which maintain ecosystem health".

Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation into Regional Conservation Assessments

This report outlines what the authors suggest is the new paradigm needed for ecosystem management under climate change. They suggest that there are five critical components: identify and protect climate refugia; conserve geophysical diversity; enhance regional connectivity; sustain socio-ecological systems; and take advantage of emerging opportunities (eg. carbon sink demand).