LMI Climate Change Knowledge Engine (LMI-CliCKE)!

This portal contains climate change adaptation information from over 3,000 resources based on the IPCC AR4. According to the site you can search and filter these climate change findings based on various criteria including: level of scientific uncertainty, region, time period of projections, and topic.

Climate, Energy, and Transportation

This data center of the Earth Policy Institute provides a wealth of raw data for those seeking to communicate the climate change challenge to a broader audience. Although some of the data is US specific there also links to considerable international data. The data is often in MS Excel format and so users can create their own graphs from selected data. Data types are for temperature (e.g. hottest years, global CO2 emissions and insured losses). New data is often added to the page with the most recent being 18th January 2011.


Local Coping Strategies Database

This database is intended to facilitate the transfer of long-standing coping strategies/mechanisms, knowledge and experience from communities that have had to adapt to specific hazards or climatic conditions to communities that may just be starting to experience such conditions, as a result of climate change. The database can be searched by climate hazard, impact or coping strategy, or a combination thereof, by selecting from the scroll-down menus.