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Climate Change Adaptation Pathway: City of Greater Bendigo

This document summarises the steps that the City of Bendigo has taken on the pathway towards climate change adaptation. Whilst brief, the document provides a good process which could be easily replicated and refined by other local government authorities.

Climate Change Effects and Impacts Assessment: A Guidance Manual for Local Government in New Zealand – 2nd Edition

While this manual is designed for a NZ local government audience it provides a good insight in to methods that may be suitable for Australian counterparts, especially the flow chart on council functions. The executive summary reads: "this Guidance Manual is designed to help local governments identify and quantify opportunities and hazards that climate change poses for their functions, responsibilities and infrastructure. This is the second edition of the Guidance Manual, and it supersedes the first edition published in 2004.

Economic Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Local Government: Ku-ring-gai Council Case Study

This report describes work in progress on research undertaken jointly by Macquarie University, Bond University and Ku-ring-gai Council between July 2008 and February 2009. This research addressed the need for sound and defensible information on which to base adaptation decisions at the local level.

Climate Change and Peak Oil Adaptation Plan

This report explores the confluence of climate change and peak oil (oil vulnerability) for the City of Darebin (in Melbourne). The report provides a useful introduction to the two challenges as well as a discussion into the potential confluence of impacts. Adaptation actions are grouped by council department and classed as short, medium and long term actions.

Future Proofing Perth

This report explores the strategic planning involved to future proof Perth's Eastern Region. Themes examined include infrastructure failure, essential services, watercourse damage and loss, bushfires, water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystems and public open space, health and wellbeing, economic challenges and opportunities, and leadership requirements.

Logan-Albert Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessment: Logan City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council

This climate change risk assessment explores potential impacts facing the Logan-Albert Catchment. The study includes two councils (Logan City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council) in South East Queensland. Although the two councils share the Logan-Albert catchment they have a range of unique risks.

Scoping Climate Change Risks for Moreton Bay Regional Council

This report provides a scoping assessment of the risks facing Moreton Bay Regional Council in South East Queensland. The risks are grouped into council department responsibilities. A summary of risks are also presented for the settlements of Bribie Island, Woodford, Redcliffe Peninsula, Samford Valley and Narangba Industrial Estate.

Blue Mountains Climate Change Risk Assessment

This risk assessment provides a scoping study of the anticipated challenges facing the Blue Mountains area. The risks are themed into economic, environmental, social and council operational issues. The risk assessment framework follows the Australia and New Zealand 4360 risk assessment standard.

Positive Change - Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Cairns Region Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

A climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan for Cairns Regional Council based on potential risks' for 2030 and 2070. Main risks identified are associated with sea level rise, storm surge, tropical cyclones and intense rainfall. Adaptation actions are grouped by corporate governance, land use planning, asset and operations, natural disaster planning, environment and community health.