Climate Change: Improving Community Resilience to Extreme Weather Events

This commentary gives an Australian insurance perspective of the anticipated climate change risks to the community. It highlights the fact that weather-related risks are core business for the insurance industry.

Climate Change: How to Report the Story of the Century

This website provides a useful overview of promoting the issue of climate change and engaging potential sceptics. It discusses how to communicate uncertainty and complex science. It provides the reader with a journalistic approach to a communication strategy.


Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Projects

A useful web site which has a range of tools and resources for those planning to undertake adaptation planning. Although this website seems to have a focus on developing countries there are still many useful resources for Australian councils. In particular the checklists (located on the left hand side) would help a council frame the information a processes required to undertake a climate change risk and adaptation plan.

Climate Change Background Study: Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy 2010-2020

Background study that explores the risks from both climate change and peak oil (oil vulnerability) for the sunshine Coast Region of South East Queensland.

Community resilience" Lessons from New Orleans

Case study of resilience in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. It has some interesting information on "multi-hazard" risks.

Promoting Social Inclusion in Adaptation to Climate Change: Discussion Paper

Report which explores climate change adaptation challenges for the vulnerable communities of five local councils (Mornington Peninsula, Cardinia and Bass Coast and the Cities of Frankston and Casey).


Chicago Climate Change Action Plan: Strategy 5 - Adaptation

The Chicago Climate Change Action Plan includes activities to manage heat, pursue innovative cooling, protect air quality, manage stormwater, implement green urban design, preserve plants and trees, engage the public, engage business and plan for the future.