A snapshot of future sea levels: photographing the king tide

An interesting photographic based report showing images of a king tide in 2009 in NSW. The images show areas at risk from sea level rise and provide a good feel for what 90cm sea level rise would look like.


Sea-Level Rise and Its Impact on Coastal Zones

Global sea levels have risen through the 20th century. These rises will almost certainly accelerate through the 21st century and beyond because of global warming, but their magnitude remains uncertain. Key uncertainties include the possible role of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets and the amplitude of regional changes in sea level. In many areas, nonclimatic components of relative sea-level change (mainly subsidence) can also be locally appreciable.

Coastal inundation under climate change: a case study in South East Queensland

This case study on South East Queensland is a working paper which "presents a preliminary assessment of the costs and benefits of proactive, planned adaptation on built infrastructure. These costs and benefits have been investigated by estimating the population and economic effects of an historical 1-in-100-year inundation event and then exploring how these may change under different scenarios of settlement adaptation in 2030 and 2070."

Vulnerability of the Cottesloe Foreshore to the Potential Impacts of Climate Change

This study explores the potential impacts of climate change on the existing settlements and infrastructure on the foreshore of Cottesloe for the years 2030 and 2070. The risks explored include sea level rise with and without major storm events.