Climate Change and the Built Environment: A European Union Perspective

These slides from the recent Montreal Planning for Climate Change Conference outline the steps that the European Union are taking in the field of adaptation and mitigation.

Draft Climate Adaptation Plan: Climate Adept City

This is the climate change action plan for the City of Port Phillip. The plan follows five key themes to develop a resilient city: climate-proofing buildings, flood management, beach protection, city climate and access and safety.

Framework for City Climate Risk Assessment: Buenos Aires, Delhi, Lagos, and New York

Estimation of spatially and temporally disaggregated climate risks is a critical prerequisite for the assessment of effective and efficient adaptation and mitigation climate change strategies and policies in complex urban areas. This interdisciplinary research reviews current literature and practices, identifies knowledge gaps, and defines future research directions for creating a risk?based climate change adaptation framework for climate and cities programs. The focus is on cities in developing and emerging economies. The framework unpacks risk into three vectors

City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Web site which describes the activities the City of Melbourne is undertakiing to adapt to climate change

Competitive Cities and Climate Change

Report mainly focusses on mitigation but there ar esome good adaptation elements||especially the discussion on interdependence of urban policy sectors and planning mechanisms for adaptation

Hot Cities

Eight 45 minute online videos that explore the potential impacts of climate chande on the urban environment