Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on the Deterioration of Concrete Infrastructure

This report documents mechanisms of deterioration in concrete structures and approaches to modelling concrete corrosion under climate change conditions.  The report is over 600 pages and can be downloaded in four parts:


Stormwater, Impervious Surfaces and Climate Change in Queanbeyan: The Integrated Assessment of Clmate Change Impacts on Urban Settlements (IACCIUS) Project

This investigation examined changes in urban surfaces, including unconsolidated landscaping materials and change in impervious surface occurrence, in relation to increased drought and storm events, as well as implications for local drainage, stormwater and flooding. Increased water flows and movement of unconsolidated materials into the drainage systems may result from covering of previously grassed or garden areas as a response to drought, water restrictions, and other factors, and increased intense storm events predicted under conditions of climate change.