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Securing the Future Adaptation Plan: Manningham Council

This is the Manningham Council's adaptation plan, which considers the confluence of climate change, food security and peak oil. "The guiding principles of the plan are resourcing, relocalising and responding, to enable service continuity, growing resilience and leadership. The goals of the plan include risk management, knowledge and advocacy, connecting and integrating, transition and innovation, empowering communities and responsive governance.

Zoning for Sea Level Rise: A Model Sea-Level Rise Ordinance and Case Study of Implementation Barriers in Maryland

Zoning is the most powerful tool that local governments have to preemptively mitigate hazards. This case study explores land use planning legal and regulatory barriers to climate change adaptation in Maryland (USA).

Climate Change Adaptation Pathway: City of Greater Bendigo

This document summarises the steps that the City of Bendigo has taken on the pathway towards climate change adaptation. Whilst brief, the document provides a good process which could be easily replicated and refined by other local government authorities.

Draft Connecticut Preparedness Plan

This report (112 pages) outlines the climate change adaptation strategy for Connecticut, USA. The report states common climate change challenges for the region, provides their guiding principles for adaptation, adaptation actions and an overview of the implementation process.

Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Adaptation - Policy Signpost # 3: Southern Grampians and Glenelg

The Southern Grampians and Glenelg Primary Care Partnership (the PCP) has developed Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework for Local Action (the Framework) to guide local action to address the health and social impacts of climate change and rural adjustment. The Framework takes a strategic approach to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on health promotion. While service delivery is a component of the Framework, agencies will need to be guided by other documents regarding specific health service delivery issues arising from climate change.


Charles & Howard Pty Ltd v Redland Shire Council [2006]

Link to Qld's first planning court case on the issue of sea level rise considerations.  In this case the council refused a development approval due to risks from sea level rise.  The Judge upheld the views of the council (and previous Trial Judge).

City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Web site which describes the activities the City of Melbourne is undertakiing to adapt to climate change

Distributed Systems: A design model for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Workshops involving policy officers from across the Victorian Government were held in early 2007 to identify priority areas for eco-innovation in Victoria. A key theme arising from these workshops was concern about the sustainability and security of energy, water and food systems in Victoria given the challenges and responses to climate change.

Coastal inundation at Narabeen Lagoon: Optimising Adaptation Investment

The Department has released a report that analyses the benefits and costs of adaptation in response to risks of flood inundation from Narrabeen Lagoon in Sydney's Northern Beaches area.