The Critical Decade: Queensland climate impacts and opportunities

This report by the Climate Commission highlights the challenges and opportunities facing Queensland from climate change. The report shows that Queensland is already experiencing climate change and for the agricultural sector it is likely that beef, sugar and cereal production is likely to decline in the coming decades. The report also highlights the risks facing the natural and built environment. The opportunities discussed in this paper focus on Queensland's renewable energy potential.

Ongoing Reseach in Abiotic Stress Due to Climate Change in Horticulture

This paper identifies the types of stress that the horticulture industry faces from climate change. The report discusses crop maturity rates, soil moisture, runners versus fruits, pollination and soil properties.


Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Addressing Climate Change Issues in Livestock

A PDF of a PowerPoint presentation which provides a useful overview of the types of risks that cattle face. This may be useful for strategic planners and development assessment officers who are looking to identify solutions for climate change challenges in the agricultural sector.


Climate Change Impacts and Prioity Actions in the Agriculture Sector

This report explores the potential impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector. The report provides a good summary of the types of risks and adaptation measures for rainfed agriculture, intensive agriculture and irrigated agriculture.

Framework for Developing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Action Plans for Agriculture in Western Australia

This report presents a framework for those in the agricultural industry wishing to undertake a climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan. This is a good resource for those who are new to the process of risk assessments and adaptation plans.


Climate Change and Invasive Plants in South Australia

A useful report on the potential threat that invasive plants present South Australia. May also be relevant for other regions in Australia.