adaptive capacity

Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in New Brunswick Municipalities

This report is a review of the capacity of New Brunsick to adapt to climate change. Although it is very US-specific, Australian councils could easily replicate the framework to ascertain their own capacity to adapt to climate change.


Promoting Social Inclusion in Adaptation to Climate Change: Discussion Paper

Report which explores climate change adaptation challenges for the vulnerable communities of five local councils (Mornington Peninsula, Cardinia and Bass Coast and the Cities of Frankston and Casey).


Impacts of population change on vulnerability and the capacity to adapt to climate change and variability: a typology based on lessons from

This article describes and analyzes the impacts of population and demographic change on the vulnerability of communities to climate change and variability. It begins with a review of existing literature on the effects of population change on anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, the exposure of settlements to climate risks, and on the capacity to adapt to climate change.