adaptation plan

Climate Change Strategy 2009-2014

Climate change strategy for Gold Coast City Council (in South East Queensland) whose vision is

Climate Change and Peak Oil Adaptation Plan

This report explores the confluence of climate change and peak oil (oil vulnerability) for the City of Darebin (in Melbourne). The report provides a useful introduction to the two challenges as well as a discussion into the potential confluence of impacts. Adaptation actions are grouped by council department and classed as short, medium and long term actions.

Future Proofing Perth

This report explores the strategic planning involved to future proof Perth's Eastern Region. Themes examined include infrastructure failure, essential services, watercourse damage and loss, bushfires, water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystems and public open space, health and wellbeing, economic challenges and opportunities, and leadership requirements.

Rising to the Challenge - The City of London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

The City of London adaptation strategy explores the process of managing flood risks, water resources, heat risks and air pollution, ground conditions, identifying cross-cutting issues and opportunities. The options are categorised into research and monitoring, policy and practical actions.

Chicago Climate Change Action Plan: Strategy 5 - Adaptation

The Chicago Climate Change Action Plan includes activities to manage heat, pursue innovative cooling, protect air quality, manage stormwater, implement green urban design, preserve plants and trees, engage the public, engage business and plan for the future.

Positive Change - Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Cairns Region Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

A climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan for Cairns Regional Council based on potential risks' for 2030 and 2070. Main risks identified are associated with sea level rise, storm surge, tropical cyclones and intense rainfall. Adaptation actions are grouped by corporate governance, land use planning, asset and operations, natural disaster planning, environment and community health.