adaptation plan

Tackling Climate Change: South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy

South Australia's Greenhouse Strategy.  It includes both mitigation and adaptation actions out to 2020

City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Web site which describes the activities the City of Melbourne is undertakiing to adapt to climate change

UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

Link to the UK adaptation wizard which takes the user through a step-by-step adaptation process.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

A useful website on climate change adaptation. Users can log in to explore case studies, toolkts and participate in a community forum. Mainly US focussed.

Integrating Approaches: Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

This web site provides a handful of links to presentations at a seminar held by Practical Action in December 2009. The main focus is on disaster response and impact reduction.

Climate change impacts On Clarence coastal areas

A comprehensive review of the potential risks facing Clarence Council in Tasmania. This report explores various levels of risk, a framework for adaptation and includes a communication and public consultation strategy.

Risks, Opportunities, and Adaptation to Climate Change

Adaptation is an important approach for protecting human health, ecosystems, and economic systems from the risks posed by climate variability and change, and for exploiting beneficial opportunities provided by a changing climate. This paper presents 9 fundamental principles that should be considered when designing adaptation policy, for example, a sound understanding of the potential regional effects of climate on human and ecological systems is required to target appropriate investments in adaptive responses.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Ku-ring-gai Local Government Area

This report introduces the notion of climate change, the potential impacts and some climate projections for the council area. As stated by the author the aim of this report is to "stimulate debate regarding whether Council should concentrate efforts on climate change mitigation, adaptation or a combination of the two."

Impacts of Climate Change on Settlements in the Western Port Region Climate Change Risks and Adaptation

This report presents the findings of a two year study of climate change risks for the Western Port region. Four themes were followed: regional climate changes and biophysical impacts; socio-economic and infrastructure impacts; risk assessment; and adaptation response. Over 200 risks were identified with over 50% being associated with coastal inundation and/or flooding from intense rainfall.