Climate Change and Energy Insecurity: The Challenge for Peace, Security and Development

"This book offers the most comprehensive international assessment of the challenges and solutions for tackling the global insecurity arising from climate change and energy provision and use. It is essential reading for students, researchers and professionals across international relations, security, climate change and the energy sectors."

Hands-On Energy Adaptation Toolkit (HEAT)

"HEAT Toolkit is designed to lead you through as assessment of climate vulnerabilities and adaptation options in the energy sector of your country. HEAT can help you raise awareness among key stakeholders and initiate dialogue on energy sector adaptation.HEAT uses a bottom-up, stakeholder-based, qualitative/semi-quantitative risk-assessment approach to discuss and identify risks, adaptation measures, and their costs and benefits. It draws on experience and published guidance from the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as existing research and literature."

Risk Management for Roads in a Changing Climate: A Common European Approach

A presentation outlining risks and threats to road networks in the face of climate change and potential design and adaptation measures which may help to mitigate risks. Contains diagrams for engineers and managers of road networks.

Climate Ready Infrastructure Initiative

Fact sheet summarising a new initiative to ensure that greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation considerations are addressed in applications for State Government grants for new infrastructure.

Impacts of Climate Change on Human Settlements in the Western Port Region: People, Property and Place

"This report examines the nature and extent of potential impacts of climate change to the Western Port region of Victoria. The report’s focus is on the impacts of climate change on the built environment, the social and economic implications of the impacts and the vulnerability of different localities and groups.

Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities: A Synthesis Report

This report explores the climate change risks of Manila, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. It shows that the three cities face considerable challenges with economic impacts from climate change ranging from 2% to 6% of regional GDP. It identifies extreme rainfall (with subsequent flooding and landslips) to be a serious threat.

Adapting to Climate Change: CSIRO Website

This website allows the reader to explore the latest CSIRO studies on climate change adaptation. Recent inclusions include vulnerability assessment of South East Queensland and research findings about cars trapped in bushfires. Users can also subscribe to the CSIRO RSS news feeds on adaptation.

Adapting to Climate Change - The Local Authority Perspective

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) helps organisations to adapt to inevitable climate change. These podcasts will show you what climate change means, how to use the online resources and tools which UKCIP have provided to measure the impact of climate change on the UK and the importance for businesses and local authorities to adapt to climate change.