Sydney Coastal Councils Group: Mapping and Responding to Coastal Inundation


The Sydney coastal region extends from Port Hacking in the south to the Hawkesbury River in the north - approximately 590 km of ocean and estuarine shorelines. 

In 2007 the Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) initiated a regional coastal vulnerability study which provided a foundation for a suite of related climate research projects. SCCG Member Councils requested a follow-on regional assessment project to show hazard lines including sea level rise predictions on coastal inundation maps, which would support adaptation to future impacts of increased coastal inundation and erosion events on existing, and future developments within coastal landscape areas.

This ambitious and challenging project to map and respond to coastal inundation in all 15 Member Councils commenced in 2009 and culminated in 2012 with the report ‘Mapping and Responding to Coastal Inundation’. The mapping and modelling phase proved to be more technically complex than first envisaged.

Risks and Impacts Addressed 

Anticipated sea level rise and increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, resulting in higher coastal inundation events and coastal erosion.

Drivers for Adaptation Action 

In 2009, requests from SCCG Member Councils for a regional inundation assessment project that would show hazard lines and benchmark numbers on inundation maps, and become a call to action.

Outcomes Achieved 

Phase 1 Report - Modelling and Mapping of Coastal Inundation under Future Sea Level Rise (Feb 2012).

Phase 2 Report – Incorporating Coastal Inundation and Sea Level Rise into Local and Regional Planning Responses (July 2012).

Phase 3 Report - Supporting Local Government to Communicate Coastal Inundation (Oct 2012).