The AdaptNRM National Planners' Workshop

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Tailrace Cafe, 1 Waterfront Dr, Launceston, Tas
Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 3:30pm to 7:00pm

CSIRO and NCCARF are facilitating a national adaptation planning workshop for NRM practitioners involved in updating their NRM plans in light of climate change.

Join us for an interactive and informative workshop to support NRM planners in incorporating adaptation planning principles to NRM plans. The workshop aims to bring together all NRM groups across Australia to encourage shared learning and shared benefits from the soon-to-be-released AdaptNRM Adaptation Planning module:        

The NRM Adaptation Checklist.

 What can you get out of it?
  • Learn new ways of responding to adaptation challenges from other NRM groups

  • Apply the NRM Adaptation Checklist to your planning processes

  • Explore approaches to specific issues with other NRM planners across Australia

 During the workshop, you can:
  • Work within and across clusters – network with NRM groups in and out of your cluster, to get the most out of this event

  • Share your experience – get the chance to support other NRM planners by sharing your experience in addressing climate change challenges in your planning

  • Ask an expert – NCCARF and CSIRO adaptation scientists and NRM practitioners across Australia will be present for the chance for one-on-one discussions where possible.

 Join us for drinks after the workshop, brought to you by NCCARF.  



More information is available here: Information sheet

You can also download a copy of this Invitation 

NOTE. By registering you are consenting to taking part in the NRM Adapt project, More details are available in the consent form

 Image credit: Many thanks to the North East Catchment Management Authority for sharing the image above, ‘River’ by L Gener

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