2009 NCCARF Symposium

Brisbane, QLD
Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 8:00am to Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 5:00pm

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility is hosting a two day climate change adaptation research symposium to be held in Brisbane on the 22nd-23rd July, 2009. The aim of this invite-only Symposium is to bring together key researchers from NCCARF’s partner institutions and Adaptation Research Networks, together with government representatives, to exchange information about current climate change adaptation research, and to explore opportunities for further research collaboration. This Symposium will also provide an opportunity to identify and discuss climate change adaptation challenges in Australia, and to identify further research priorities.

PDFs from presentations are available below:

Marine Biodiversity & Resources session chaired by Alistair Hobday (CSIRO)
An Integrated Approach to Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options in Fishery Systems - Gretta Pecl, University of Tasmania
Climate Change, Marine Reserves and Resilience - Quentin Grafton, Australian National University
Communities as Catalysts of Resilience - Tim Smith, University of Sunshine Coast
Integrating Adaptation Science into Policy and Practice: MBR Case Studies - Peat Leith and Rosemary Sanford, University of Tasmania
Adaptation, Adaptive Capacity and Adoption: Focusing on the End Game - Paul Marshall, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Social, Economic & Institutional Dimensions of Climate Change session chaired by Jon Barnett (University of Melbourne)
Cultural Pre‐adaptation to Climate Change in a Resilient Region - Glenn Albrecht, Murdoch University
Climate Change Adaptation in the Central Tablelands of NSW: the Case for Native Agro-Forestry and Bio-energy Production - John Merson, University of New South Wales
Coastal Communities, Climate Change and Institutional Learning - Melissa Nursey-Bray, University of Tasmania
Adaptation: Halfway There Without Having to Think too Hard? - Stephen Dovers, Australian National University
Understanding Rural Landholders Responses to Climate Change: Outline of Progress to Date - Rik Thwaites, Charles Sturt University
Equitable Local Outcomes in Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise: A Proposed Research Agenda of Gippsland, Victoria - Anna Hurlimann, University of Melbourne

Settlements & Infrastructure session chaired by Ron Cox (UNSW)
Climate Change Challenges for the Built Environment - Bill Randolph, University of New South Wales
Vulnerability in Transport Infrastructure and Impacts of Climate Change… - Michael Taylor, University of South Australia
Impact and Adaptation Assessment of Cyclone Damage Risks Due to Climate Change - Mark Stewart, University of Newcastle
Katrina: The Event and Its Effects - Andrew Garcia, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Future Coastlines: Coastal Erosion, Inundation and Climate Change - Rodger Tomlinson, Griffith University
Urban Water Supply In An Energy Constrained Australia - Bill Peirson, University of New South Wales

Terrestrial Biodiversity session chaired by Steve Williams (JCU)
Biodiversity & Climate Change - Stephen Williams, James Cook University
Coping with Climate Change Through Evolution? - Ary Hoffman, University of Melbourne
Biodiversity and Climate Change: Knowledge for Adaptation - Lynda Chambers, Bureau of Meteorology
Interactions between Climate Change, Fire Regimes and Biodiversity in Australia: A Preliminary Assessment - Richard Williams, CSIRO
The E-atlas: Enhancing Knowledge-Based Decision Making for Australia’s Tropical Environment - David Souter, Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility
How Can We Help Biodiversity Adapt to the Impending Ravages of Climate Change? Landscape and Genetic Approaches - Andrew Lowe, South Australian Government *PDF not available*

Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity session chaired by Stuart Bunn (Griffith University)
Climate Change Adaptation and Australia’s Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity - Stuart Bunn, Griffith University
Climate Scenarios: Use, Misuse and Limitations - Bryson Bates, CSIRO
Climate Change and Freshwater Biodiversity - Jenny Davis, Monash University
Responsiveness and Resilience of Freshwater Systems to Climate Change: a View from the Past - John Tibby, University of Adelaide
Adaptation to Climate Change in Water Resource Management - Ian Prosser, CSIRO
Activities of the Victorian Node of the Adaptation Research Network for Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity - John Langford, University of Melbourne

Emergency Management session chaired by John Handmer (RMIT University)
Enhancing Community Capacity in an Era of Increasing Uncertainty - Yetta Gurtner, James Cook University
A Climate for Change? Adaptive Capacity of the Fire Management Public Policy Sector - Karyn Bosomworth, RMIT University
A National Assessment of the Risk and Impact of Climate Related Hazards on the Coast - Paul Taylor, Geoscience Australia
Climate Change and Emergency Management in Western Australia - Russell Stevens, Fire and Emergency Services Authority, WA
Climate Change and Emergency Management - Gary Mahon, Queensland Department of Community Safety

Vulnerability and Resilience plenary session chaired by John Handmer (RMIT University)
Climate Change Vulnerabilities in Public Health - Liz Hanna, Australian National University
Social-ecological Resilience: an Approach to Adaptation in the Marine Socio-ecological System -  Julie Davidson, University of Tasmania
A Critical Theory of Vulnerability - Jon Barnett, University of Melbourne *PDF not available*

Primary Industries session chaired by Snow Barlow (University of Melbourne)
Climate Change Adaptation in Primary Industries - Snow Barlow, University of Melbourne
Farmers’ Adaptation to a Drier Climate: Some Initial Observations - Ross Kingwell, University of Western Australia
Influence of Rising Carbon Dioxide on Water and Carbon Fluxes in Maturing Eucalyptus Trees: Lessons Learnt from the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment - David Ellsworth, University of Western Sydney
Developing Adaptive Capacity to Extreme Climatic Events: a Bottom-up Approach - Leanne Webb, University of Melbourne/CSIRO
The Ultimate Adaptation Challenge for Agriculture: Avoiding Perverse Mitigation Outcomes - Peter Grace, Queensland University of Technology and Richard Eckard, University of Melbourne

Human Health session chaired by Tony Capon (ANU)
Collaborative Climate Change Research between QUT and the Queensland Government - David McRae, QCCCE
Climate Change and Health Impact Assessment - Dianne Katscherian, Department of Health, WA
Climate Change and Infectious Diseases - David Harley, Australian National University
Heatwaves and Population Health in Australia - Peng Bi, University of Adelaide
The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health of People in Rural and Remote Areas Including Indigenous Communities - Jennifer Bowers, Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health
Modelling the Effects of Heat and Cold on Mortality - Keith Dear, Australian National University 

Photo by Liese Coulter