Tool Implementation Partnership

CoastAdapt was developed with support and assistance from the wider adaptation community. To facilitate this interaction with potential users, we set up the Tool Development Partnership (TDP) in mid-2015. There were ten members of the original Partnership, drawn from across Australia and every State. The majority were coastal local councils, together with representation from a small business The TDP met regularly to provide review, guidance and advice on the development of CoastAdapt and to test final products.

The Partnership was then extended to 15 members and renamed the Tool Implementation Partnership (TIP). In its new role, the Partnership worked with NCCARF to raise awareness of the beta version of CoastAdapt, and to support NCCARF through the engagement, consultation and roll-out process. 

The TIP was made up of representatives from the following organisations:

    • Bega Valley Shire Council
    • Byron Shire Council
    • East Gippsland Shire Council
    • Growcom
    • Kingborough Council
    • Mackay Regional Council
    • District Council of Mallala
    • Moyne Shire Council
    • Peron Naturaliste Partnership
    • Wattle Range Council
    • Tiwi Land Council
    • Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils
    • Western Australia Local Government Association
    • Sydney Coastal Councils
    • Association of Bayside Municipalities, Victoria