Synthesis Report

In Phase II of NCCARF, we will carry out a program of synthesising existing adaptation research to make it relevant and accessible beyond the academic community and with a particular emphasis on policy and decision making. This Synthesis Report details this synthesis program, the products that will be delivered, and the stakeholder consultation we undertook in shaping the direction of the program.

In Phase I, NCCARF commissioned and managed over 100 research projects. The result of that research program is a significant body of technical reports and peer reviewed publications. While this activity has delivered a wealth of adaptation knowledge, the challenge now is to ensure that decision makers, practitioners and policy makers can make the best use of the findings in their adaptation planning.

The synthesis program sets out to develop a series of products specifically targeted at user groups including planners, finance officers, natural resource managers, businesses and industry. In order to ensure that the policy questions of end user groups are addressed where possible, the program began with a series of consultative workshops.

For more information, contact Sarah Boulter or ph 07 3735 6594.