Strata Title in a world of climate change: Managing greater uncertainty in forecasting and funding common property capital expenditure

Adaptation Research Grants Program
Professor Chris Guilding
Griffith University
Year Started: 

Executive summary from final report

The broad aim of this report is to inform policy making concerned with preparing strata and community title (S&CT) buildings to deal with challenges that are expected to result from climate change. The report develops and analyses 24 recommendations designed to advance the capacity of S&CT buildings to better cope with anticipated damage and disruption of services caused by an increasing incidence of severe weather events resulting from global warming. 

Five main research phases have informed the report’s development. Initially a literature review was undertaken. This review focused on climate change impacts on buildings and also issues surrounding the management of strata and community title buildings. Next a review of the most pertinent Australian legislation relating to insurance, property maintenance and the funding of common property capital expenditures was undertaken. The study’s first empirical phase involved a meeting with an 11 person industry reference group. This group met on two subsequent occasions and represented a valuable sounding board for the research team. Next a series of interviews were conducted with individuals representing a range of strata and community title stakeholder groups. The study’s final empirical phase involved the conduct of an on-line questionnaire survey. This questionnaire survey was designed to gauge the relative merit of the 16 recommendations developed during the interview phase. The questionnaire survey was also used as an opportunity to generate further recommendations. 

The 16 recommendations developed during the study’s interview phase are presented in ranked order below. The rankings were determined by ratings provided by the questionnaire survey respondents.

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See the Stakeholder Action List Manual developed from the final report