Social, Economic and Institutional Dimensions Network

The SEI-network is a large, inclusive and diverse community of researchers, practitioners and decision makers from universities, government, the private sector and civil society. The SEI-network is hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Climate change poses risks to a wide array of things that are important to people, including for example their health, jobs, homes and communities. Who is at risk, and how social groups respond to climate change will depend on their needs, values, cultures, capacities, institutional forms, and the environmental characteristics of the places they live.

Making good decisions about adaptation involves understanding the diverse goals of individuals, communities, and institutions, and the degree to which these are in conflict, and can be aligned. Decisions must be made under conditions of complex uncertainty. Successful implementation of adaptation strategies requires understanding how actors and institutions at each level and in each sector will enable or constrain responses.

See the publication "Eight Principals of Adaptation Planning" from the Adaptation College here.