The research questions

The principal goals of this project will be to address the following four key questions:

  • Under Part I
    • What are the different design and operation considerations in the target and analogue locations?
    • Can we, with a high probability, be sure that these differences are a function of climatic differences?
  • Under Part II
    • If so, can these climate-related differences inform us about adaptation to climate change, and the ways in which target urban settlements will change, through either planned or autonomous adaptation?
    • If so, what does this imply in terms of costs and expertise?

It is proposed that analogue studies are carried out for three paired locations. Coastal or inland settlements may be chosen. However, these should be urban settlements on the one hand small enough to understand the intricacies of service provision on the timescales of the projects, but on the other sufficiently large to require service provision at levels relevant to the large urban areas of southern Australia.

Each study should consider:

  • Health institutions
  • Urban planning and management institutions:
  • House/building design
  • Utilities and transport