Learning from regional climate analogues

TitleLearning from regional climate analogues
Publication TypeReport

Project Page  Final Report

Year of Publication2011
AuthorsKellett, J, Ness, D, Hamilton, C, Pullen, S, Leditschke, A
Date Published06/2011
InstitutionNational Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
CityGold Coast
ISBN Number978-1-921609-41-1
KeywordsAdelaide, Brisbane, Bunbury, Geraldton, Gladstone, local government, planning, policy, Port Pirie, Qld, Queensland, SA, South Australia, state government, synthesis and integrative research, WA, Western Australia, Whyalla. face-to-face interviews

This twelve month study was commissioned by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) to examine the potential for Learning from Regional Climate Analogues through selected target communities in Australia. The underlying assumption is that communities reflect their prevailing climate in the way that they organise their infrastructure, built form and services, such as health and emergency response. Climate is also likely to dictate, to some extent, the policy content in development, infrastructure and health plans and the management of ecosystem services.

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