Learning from experience: Historical case studies and climate change adaptation

TitleLearning from experience: Historical case studies and climate change adaptation
Publication TypeReport

Project Page   Final Report

Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKiem, AS, Verdon-Kidd, DC, Boulter, SL, Palutikof, JP
InstitutionNational Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
CityGold Coast
ISBN Number978-1-921609-26-8
Keywordsadaptive capacity, reducing vulnerability, resilience, responses

In this, the eighth report in this series, we summarise the seven case studies and, drawing from the evidence contained therein, provide a synthesis of lessons learnt for developing community adaptive capacity, resilience and responses to climate change, and reducing vulnerability. 

In addition, we include a summary of the meteorological context of each event type.

The synthesis considers the following questions: 

    • What are the broad lessons that can be learnt across all the case studies? 
    • Are there successes from these case studies that can be put into practice in the future?
    • Are there ways in which vulnerability can be decreased?
    • Why do some events stimulate change and others do not? 
    • What are the barriers to effective action?
    • Are there any new insights that can be drawn from the case studies that would support policy reform? 
    • What could be done differently to prepare for future events?
    • What tools do planners and policy makers need?
    • How can experience from previous events inform the development of adaptive strategies for the future?
    • What is the capacity of a range of systems (e.g. policy, engineering, building, emergency management, communication, institutional coordination, and workforce) to support future disaster management and, where necessary, reform? 
    • What new problems are created by climate change that have not been previously considered in this planning?
    • What are some of the approaches government, industry and community can use to apply the conclusions and recommendations arising from these case studies?
Refereed DesignationRefereed