iClimate - Literature review of climate change impacts

Synthesis and Integrative Research Program
Lead organisation: CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship
Principal investigator: Dr Elvira Poloczanska

Background and rationale

A core function of NCCARF is to conduct a program of research that synthesises and integrates existing and emerging national and international climate change adaptation knowledge.As part of Phase II of the Synthesis and Integrative Research program, NCCARF invites bids for the project Literature Review: Impacts of Climate Change.

Understanding the likely impacts of climate change is an important foundation for adaptation. Such an understanding helps identify adaptation priorities, provides insights into the responses that may be effective, and underpins perceptions of the need to act. Information about impacts is limited and dispersed.

This project will search the literature to generate a consolidated and regularly updated set of ‘facts’ about the impacts of climate change in Australia. This will be valuable for policy-makers and will assist in preparing the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Proposed work

The project will require the following activities to be undertaken:

  • A comprehensive search of the literature, especially material published since the IPCC Fourth Assessment completed its work (i.e., anything dated 2006 and later), and including:
    • Papers in the peer-reviewed literature;
    • Books;
    • Published reports from all tiers of governments, NGOs, universities, industry and business etc.
  • Extraction and preparation of a consolidated set of ‘facts’ about observed and likely future impacts of climate change on Australia.

Note that the literature search will not be restricted to papers and reports about Australia exclusively. Global analyses may contain relevant information from which Australia-specific ‘facts’ can be extracted.

Each ‘fact’ should be:

  • concisely stated (20-100 words);
  • supported by a published source;
  • entered into a searchable database in which, where copyright considerations permit, the published source is appended electronically;
  • key-worded to allow searches for subject-specific, location-specific and time-specific information;
  • delivered in a web-ready form.

The set of ‘facts’ should be prepared by mid June 2011 and in a format that would allow the database to be updated in June of each calendar year.

The database must be delivered in a form which is useful, robust, comprehensive and accurate. The project team should be able to demonstrate that they have delivered against these criteria.  As part of this requirement, stakeholder engagement should take place at every point throughout this project. Proposers should outline in their application their plans to ensure these requirements will be properly addressed.