Human Health Network

The Adaptation Research Network for Human Health includes researchers from various disciplines (including epidemiology, climate science, environment, rural science, sociology, economics, mental health, infectious diseases, physiology, ergonomics, health promotion, health services) and research users (policymakers, practitioners, industry, community). Research users are encouraged to participate in the scoping and planning of research projects, to guide research effort and to orient it towards the needs of policy makers and other decision makers.

The Adaptation Research Network for Human Health was established at The Australian National University in December 2008. It will run for four years, and the main aims of the network are to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary research and emerging research methods (time-series methods, spatial analyses, systems-based modelling of complex ecological relationships and processes, and scenario-based modelling of future health risks).
  • Build research and decision-making capacity by attracting and leveraging new funding, and focusing on mentoring and support for early career researchers and policymakers.
  • Facilitate collaboration between researchers, policymakers and practitioners, to strengthen Australia's capacity to anticipate and mitigate the human health consequences of climate change.