Historical Case Studies: The 2008 floods in Queensland: A case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity.

Synthesis and Integrative Research Program
Armando Apan
University of Southern Queensland
Year Started: 

A warmer climate, with its increased climate variability, will increase the risk of floods, and the accompanying damage to people, property, and the environment. Focusing on two flood events in Mackay and Charleville in 2008, this study aims to enhance understanding of the vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity of people and communities to flooding, and to assess the extent to which flood mitigation measures have been implemented. It will explore how societies that are regularly flooded operate and the characteristics of their resilience or non-resilience, as well as the characteristics of communities that are 'on the edge', where flooding might push them into nonviability. The findings will provide information, knowledge and insights on how various stakeholders can better respond and adapt to flood events.

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