Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Engaging stakeholders is a critical component of the work we do in NCCARF. Engagement underpins all of our planned work for Phase 2, and will help to ensure that we incorporate stakeholder feedback into the design and implementation of our activities and products. Our engagement is guided by our Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The Plan identifies our key stakeholders, including Commonwealth, State and Local governments, business and industry, NGOs and community groups. We continually seek opportunities to engage with interested groups, and we look to collaborate with data providers to ensure access to relevant and up to date information to support adaptation needs.

The development of our Coastal Climate Risk Management Tool is a significant component of our Phase 2 activities. Stakeholder engagement will take place throughout the development and roll-out of the tool. This engagement includes regular meetings with three stakeholder committees, which are:

  • Project Review Committee
  • End User Reference Group
  • Technical Reference Group

Please contact us to let us know of any opportunities for engagement or to find out more.