Emergency Management Network

We depend on emergency management (including prevention) to deal with much of the risk from climatic events. To some extent we can argue that climate adaptation in Australia is primarily about emergency management. The Emergency Management Adaptation Research Network connects professionals and researchers working in Emergency Management in Australia.

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events and natural disasters, including cyclones, storms, drought, heatwaves, bushfires and floods with varying degrees of uncertainty about projections for specific hazards. Emergency management organisations are on society's frontline in preparing for such events, preventing damage, responding to the damage and harm when they occur and managing post event recovery.

The Emergency Management Network fosters information exchange, liaison among participants and seeks to support and facilitate research to inform the way the emergency management sector responds to climate change. The Network is active across the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery range of activities and organisations with consideration of all climatic hazards.