Development Plan

The Development Plan for the Coastal Climate Risk Management Tool sets out in detail the planned structure, content, design and delivery of the Tool, based on extensive stakeholder consultation as described in the Analysis of End User Needs report. We have given the Tool the working title of CoastAdapt.

The Tool has two principal goals: first, to provide information to coastal managers to ensure effective eveidence-based adaptation to risks from climate change and sea-level rise; second, to provide support for adaptation decision-making through a risk assessment and risk management framework. The Tool delivers to these goals through six themes:

  • Present climate
  • Future climate change and sea-level rise
  • Understanding the impacts
  • Taking adaptation action
  • Community of adaptors
  • Case studies

The Development Plan contains information on the technical design and visual appearance of CoastAdapt. Wherever possible, content will be presented in attractive formats supported by infographics, videos, photographs etc.

To enhance the content and utility of CoastAdapt, NCCARF has carried out a scoping exercise to identify knowledge gaps that could usefully be addressed through short focussed research projects. This exercise is described in the Research Scoping Report.

An important consideration for stakeholders is the longevity of the Tool. While recognising that NCCARF has a finite period of time to complete the Tool, the Development Plan explores actions that could be undertaken to enhance take-up and longevity of the Tool.

Altogether, this Development Plan presents a complete blueprint for NCCARF to move forward over the next months to develop and operationalize a risk management framework to support all aspects of decision making for climate change and sea-level rise in Australia’s coastal zone.