Climate Adaptation 2018

Climate Adaptation 2018 – Learn, collaborate, act brought together more than 400 practitioners, decision-makers and researchers from across Australia to discuss about the most recent research findings, challenges, planning processes and on-ground actions around climate change adaptation.

Co-hosted by NCCARF and Engineers Australia, the Conference took place in Melbourne from 7-9 May 2018. This is the sixth Conference in the adaptation series and in 2018 it incorporated Engineers Australia's meeting "Practical responses to climate change".

Conference Papers

Conference papers are available to view via the following link

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AdaptFest Film Festival

AdaptFest showcased a selection of videos that illustrate different aspects of climate change adaptation.

Watch the film festival videos



Wherefore art thou climate adaptation research ? A brief retrospective
Mark Howden

Towards better understanding of the role of oceans and cryosphere in future climate change
Kathleen McInnes

Refreezing the Arctic: a case for geoengineering?
Hugh Hunt

Adapting to climate change: Risks and opportunities for the Great Barrier Reef in the 21st century
David Wachenfeld

Planetary health: Safeguarding health in the Anthropocene
Anthony Capon

Proactive climate risk adaptation: A legal obligation for corporations and their boards?
Sarah Barker

Understanding climate change risks and opportunities: Piloting recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Rosemary Bissett

Pricing for climate risk
Mark Leplastrier

Natural hazards: An integral component of the Australian landscape
Mark Crosweller

Working in conjunction with communities, government, agencies and business
Craig Lapsley

Making the invisible visible: Decision-making, politics and the process of sustainable adaptation
Hallie Eakin

Climate adaptation and resilience in Queensland’s far north: reflections of our first small steps on a long journey
Travis Sydes