Climate adaption 2016

Climate Adaptation 2016

The fifth Conference in the adaptation series, Climate Adaptation 2016 – Change, challenge, opportunity showcased the growing body of climate change adaptation knowledge in Australia and internationally.

With a program of more than 250 presentations – together with side meetings and social functions – Climate Adaptation 2016 provided an opportunity for participants to come together to discuss the latest developments in adaptation research and practice.

Co-hosted by NCCARF and CSIRO, the Conference took place in Adelaide from 5-7 July 2016.


You can download the presentations of keynote speakers below:

International dimensions of climate change risks and the risks and the work of the UNFCCC.
Xianfu Lu, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Sea level rise and the vulnerability of the world’s coasts.
Robert Nicholls, University of Southampton, UK.

NCCARF’s work in the wider context of adaptation.
Jean Palutik of, NCCARF.

Loss? Insights from atoll countries.
Jon Barnett, University of Melbourne.

Investment priorities for climate and green bonds.
Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds Initiative, UK.

Climate change, national security and defence.
Professor Admiral Chris Barrie, Australian National University.

Trans-boundary climate change issues in the Asia-Pacific region.
James Butler, CSIRO.

Climate change and human health.
Kris Ebi, University of Washington, USA.

Climate change, gender and the advancement of women in rural areas.
Margaret Alston, Monash University.

Vulnerability, marginalisation, anticipatory learning and flexible planning.
Petra Tschakert, University of Western Australia.