Climate Adaptation 2014

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) and CSIRO welcomed more than 450 delegates to its conference, Climate Adaptation 2014: Future Challenges. This was a national conference focused on the information needed to ensure Australia is adapting well to climate change. The conference brought together researchers, practitioners and decision makers to share knowledge and research approaches that inform policy and practice in planning for climate change.

Climate Adaptation 2014 showcased the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making across Australia, and how robust adaptation decisions can be made in the face of uncertainty. It was held from 30 September – 2 October 2014 at the Gold Coast, Queensland.


You can download the presentations below:

Assessing the influence of vegetation cover structure on urban heat using remote sensing
Adams, Matthew

Weathering the storms of drought: Reconceptualising drought risk management by Australian wheat farmers
Adeyinka, Adewuyi Ayodele

Using drought history in Funafuti, Tuvalu to educate Communities for Resilience in Tuvalu Ailesi, Meelina
Ailesi, Meelina

Objective assessment of mixed farming system response to climate changes are needed before making radical adaptive response
Anwar, Muhuddin

Socio-cultural stresses associated with drought and rural communities in Australia
Austin, Emma

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals: Building resilience to withstand the challenges and impacts of climate change
Armstrong, Fiona

Transhumance system, climate change and local adaptation strategies in the Himalayas
Aryal, Suman

Climate adaptation and the development of northern Australia – what are the limits
Ash, Andrew

Atalifo, Terry

Climate change: A threat to local government insurability
Baker-Jones, Mark

Comparison of risk governance in relation to flooding in Brisbane and Beijing
Baldwin, Claudia

Planning for climate adaptation with Indigenous peoples in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region
Bell, Robyn

Rural People: Resilient Futures Adapting rural vulnerable communities; a community service pilot project in rural Victoria
Brown, Johanne

Climate adaption planning guidelines
Brown, Victoria

How might Indigenous Ranger Groups best plan for the adaptation of their heritage sites to the impacts climate change?
Carmichael, Bethune

Choosing a decision-making framework under uncertainty
Adaptation services: the role of ecosystems in climate adaptation decision-making and natural resource management
Capon, Tim

Decision-making to facilitate habitat succession and species movements in Coastal Australia
Chamberlain, Debbie

Synergies and conflicts between adaption and mitigation strategies in community-based agriculture
Chandra, Alvin

Working out when we can BURN: A partnership between science and practice
Clarke, Hamish

Using the Australian Climate Futures web-tool to generate application-ready datasets
Clarke, John

Planning for climate change adaptation and carbon farming in the Goulburn Broken and North East CMA regions
Clifton, Craig

Levels of social trust two years after the 2011 Queensland floods: The experiences of men from refugee backgrounds
Correa-Velez, Ignacio

Co-producing climate knowledge 1: Climate impacts and decision-implications
Cradock-Henry, Lawrence

Progressing Climate Change Adaptation in the Far North Through Community Resilience
Dale, Allan

Property Resilience Exposure Program (PREP) – Local Government and the insurance industry: collaborating to develop a resilient built environment and address insurance affordability
Davies, Tom

Using the personality of organisations to focus their climate adaptation effort
Selecting climate futures for NRM planning: Making the most of new and prior information
Doerr, Veronica

Working together to improve knowledge and understanding of climate change in the Australian rangelands
Forrest, Kate

Engaging community service organisations in climate change adaptation
Fuengeld, Hartmut

CANUTE: The sea level calculator
George, Steve

Engagement with Australia’s NRM communities on new climate change projections
Gerbing, Chris

Climate Change Adaptation for Infrastructure: Guiding Principles
Gibbs, Mark

Adaptation That Delivers Results
Hamden, Rohan

Modeling the Potential Impacts of Infrastructure System Interdependencies and Cascading Failures
Hasan, Samiul

Strengths and weaknesses of using spatial analogues to talk about adaptation with farmers
Hayman, Peter

Hobday, Alistair

Climate Related Adaptation from Terrain Evaluation Results (CRATER)
Hodgkinson, Jane

Modelling agricultural probability in a changing climate: A case study for natural resource management adaptation in Australia
Hosking, Christine

Forewarned is forearmed: extended forecast guidance for upcoming extreme heat events
Hudson, Debra

Child centred approach to climate change and health adaptation through schools : A randomised intervention trial in Bangladesh
Kabir, Iqbal

Drought and Water Resource Management in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Kila, Kila

Ebb & flow but little adaptation: A decade of discourse on coastal erosion in NSW
Leitch, Anne

Levey, Matt

Statistical Downscaling of Multiple CMIP5 GCMs for Studies of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: Rainfall and temperature over the NSW wheat belt
Liu, De Li

Melbourne: The 4°C Challenge
Unleashing the potential of cities: The role of transparency and participation in creating adaptive capacity 
Lynch, Yvonne

Involving leguminous crop rotation as climate change adaption option  also as lower nitrous oxide emissions from dryland cropping
Ma, Yuchun

Vanuatu Rainfall Network (VRN)
Malsale, Phillip

Using iconic status and social science to manage climate change impacts on the Great Barrier Reef
The case for investing in social resilience as a conservation strategy
Marshall, Nadine

Legal Frameworks for Adaptive Management
McDonald, Jan

A service delivery approach to climate risk assessment
McKeough, Eleanor

We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain – using lessons to build resilience for water services
Mullins, Jason

Responses in tissue water relations and growth in a C4 and C3 forage grasses to elevated ambient CO2
Mwendia, Solomon

Implementing action on climate change in the Australian Capital Territory
Norman, Barbara

Approaching the adaptation ceiling: the growing need for rural communities along Asia-Pacific coasts to plan transformative change
Nunn, Patrick

A comparison of heatwave response plans from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA
Okwuofu-Thomas, Benjamin

Incorporating climate change into engineering design along the Eastern Australia coast
Peirson, William

Adapting water resource management in coastal areas: A case study in Hai Phong, Vietnam
Phan, Thuc

How long can we hold back the tide of climate change?
Quirk, Robert

Public information, flood and property value: quasi-experimental analysis
Rajapaksa, Darshana

VAS Partnership funded project
Adaptation in Property Development: Facilitating Cross-Sectoral Knowledge Sharing

Rance, Alianne

A Knowledge Strategy for climate change impacts and adaptation in New South Wales
Riley, Matthew 

Uncertainty in adaption to climate change in the Himalaya
Rishikesh, Pandey

Building Resilience through Partnership in Action between State and Local Government
Roberts, Bethany

Working towards a ‘climate smart’ African city.…..from Blue Sky to Coal Face
Roberts, Debra

The role of States & Territories in planning for mitigation and adaptation
Roper, Tom

Environmental intelligence for managing weather and climate extremes
Sabburg, Jeff

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Adaptation Decisions: Values, Uncertainties and Approaches
Sanderson, Todd

Climate-based Malaria Early Warning in the Solomon Islands 
Smith, Jason

Strengthening the Southern Region for changes in our climate
Stalenberg, Natalie

Cost-effectiveness of climate adaption strategies for the design and management of timber power distribution poles
Stewart, Mark

Reimagining Futures: Developing a shared understanding of coastal hazards and private risk in Tasmanian communities
Sturges, Amber

Establishing an adaptation framework for the Tg. Piai Ramsar Site (No. 1288) to environmental change threats: an assessment of its vulnerability and adaptive capacity using the DPSIR framework
Syed Hazari, Syed Mohazri

Evidence-based Climate Adaptation A comparative analysis of Australia & the UK
Tangney, Peter

Evaluating mining industry options for adapting to climate extremes
Taplin, Ros

Water savings if interventions are focussed on farmers’ likely to adopt best practice groundwater irrigation
Ticehurst, Jenifer

Economics of Adaptation Decisions in the Energy Sector
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Nuclear Energy Sector
Mitigation-Adaptation Nexus in the Energy Sector
Toth, Ferenc

Perceived climate change impacts and adaption options among cropping farmers: Evidence from North-West Cambodia
Touch, Van

City Resilience Framework: an evidence-based framework for building and measuring city resilience
Turk, Rob

Preserving Value through Climate Change Adaptation
West, Jason

Preparing Australian Dairy Businesses for Extreme and More Variable Climates through Interdisciplinary Research
White, Monique

Using community-level ecological models to inform climate adaptation planning for biodiversity: a primer 
Williams, Kristen

Estimating the impacts of beach erosion and cyclones on coastal property values: A Queensland case study
Wilson, Clevo

Capturing climate change adaptation in policy: If it ain't broke, should you fix it?
Wood, Andrew

The dog ate my transformational adaptation
It’s the human condition, stupid

Young, Allan 

Communities of practice - catalysts for innovation
Young, Celeste