Agent based simulation framework for improved understanding and enhancement of community and organisational resilience to extreme events

Adaptation Research Grants Program
Professor Lin Padgham
Associate Professor Darryn McEvoy
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Year Started: 


To explore the potential value of a modular agent based simulation platform, which addresses extreme events, tailored to end user needs, that allows exploration of complex, multi scalar, multi-actor emergency management interactions in order to promote more effective governance arrangements.

This is to be accomplished by:
1) review of technical and media articles to identify issues relating to Victorian bushfire emergency management response, and to map key actors.
2) development of a small prototype application in consultation with stakeholders;
3) technical exploration of possibilities for modular simulation;
4) technical exploration of inclusion of geographical information in the simulation;
5) workshop and other engagement with stakeholders to obtain feedback on strengths and issues of the technology and obtain input regarding ideas for future work.

Simulation of Bushfire evauation (video)

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