The Adaptation Conversation 2012 - 2013

NCCARF’s Adaptation Conversation 2012 - 2013: developing evidence for policy-making

Policy makers seek evidence-based guidance as a firm foundation for decision making. Since 2008, NCCARF has worked with adaptation practitioners and researchers to develop and communicate the knowledge needed to successfully adapt Australia to climate variability, risk and change. Now, NCCARF will use this knowledge to develop evidence-based policy guidance briefs to address the needs of decision makers at all levels of government and in the private sector. Through 2012-13, policymakers and researchers will gather together at venues across Australia to develop guidelines on key adaptation topics. 

Policy guidance briefs addressing key adaptation challenges

NCCARF’s evidence-based policy guidance briefs address key topics relevant to the challenge of effectively adapting Australia to a variable and changing climate. Policy guidance briefs were developed in consultation with teams of adaptation practitioners and researchers. Each workshop was held at a location that faces challenges associated with climate risk, variability and change.

Twelve policy guidance briefs have been delivered in 2012 – 13. The first five policy guidance briefs were launched in Canberra on 26th February 2013. The complete suite was launched at the NCCARF Annual Adaptation Conference in Sydney at the end of June 2013. The policy guidance briefs address the following key adaptation challenges:

1. Building resilient coastal communities and ecosystems (Policy guidance brief available here)
2. Ensuring Australia's urban water supplies in a changing climate
(Policy guidance brief available here)
3. Supporting decision-making for effective adaptation (Policy guidance brief available here)
4. Adapting agriculture to climate change (Policy guidance brief available here)
5. Challenges of adaptation for local governments (Policy guidance brief available here)
6. Adaptation and Indigenous communities: lessons and challenges
(Policy guidance brief available here)
7. Climate-proofing Australia's infrastructure (Policy guidance brief available here)
8. Effective management of Australia's ecosystems under a variable and changing climate
(Policy guidance brief available here)
9. Heat-stress planning and health (Policy guidance brief available here)
10. Emergency management and adaptation (Policy guidance brief available here)
11. Ensuring business and industry are ready for climate change
(Policy guidance brief available here)
12. Policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks for adaptation
(Policy guidance brief available here)

If you would like any more information about NCCARF’s Adaptation Conversation 2012-13 please contact Sarah Boulter Download the information brochure here.