Climate Adaptation Conference

25 – 27 June 2013

The NCCARF Climate Adaptation 2013 knowledge+partnerships conference brought together almost 600 end users and researchers from across Australia to share their experience in adaptation and showcase activities, strategies and research.

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 The conference, the third major conference hosted by NCCARF, provides the nexus between the research community and the users of climate change adaptation information in Australia. Building on the success of the NCCARF-CSIRO Climate Adaptation in Action 2012 Conference, the successful delivery of $35 million in adaptation research and the building of formal research networks and informal adaptation partnerships, the conference was Australia’s pre-eminent event focusing solely on climate change adaptation for 2013.

Plenary presentations are now available for viewing.

 Download the PDFs from the Keynote Speakers page.

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Book launch: Climate Adaptation Futures

Book_Climate_Adaptation_FuturesWe’ll be launching our latest book at the conference Welcome Reception, Monday 24 June 5:00-7:00pm.

Climate Adaptation Futures, published by Wiley-Blackwell, reports the current state of knowledge on climate change adaptation, and seeks to expose and debate key issues in adaptation research and practice. It is framed around a number of critical areas of adaptation theory and practice. It includes contributions from many of the leading thinkers and practitioners in adaptation today.

Delegates will be able to purchase the book at the launch at a special discount of 25%.

Buy now from Wiley-Blackwell…

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