Climate Change Adaptation and the Business Sector Forum

Climate Change Adaptation and the Business Sector

On 23 April 2013, NCCARF hosted a forum at the Museum of Sydney, addressing the newest research in climate adaptation for business and industry.

With the increase in damages from climate-related extreme events, the world is witnessing how changes in climate (and associated  regulatory and market responses) in one location can send ripples through businesses globally. The World Economic Forum recently  highlighted failure to address climate change adaptation as one of the top ten risks to the global economy. In Australia there is a limited understanding about what climate change means for the business sector or how the sector is likely  to respond. In response, NCCARF has commissioned a range of research projects that explore these issues. Research presented at this forum explores issues surrounding climate change impacts and responses associated with insurance, boardroom engagement, strata title and climate legal risk.

Access the new research publication released on the day by linking below.


» Gareth Johnston, Future Ready Pty Ltd - Climate change adaptation in the boardroom Johnston presentation
» Mark Baker-Jones, DLA Piper - Climate change adaptation in the boardroom (climate legal risk)Baker-Jones presentation and questions including Johnston
» Jason West, Griffith University - Climate change adaptation in industry and business: a framework for best practice in financial risk assessment, governance and disclosureWest presentation and questions
» Chris Guilding, Griffith University - Strata title in a world of climate change: managing greater uncertainty in forecasting and funding common property capital expenditureGuilding presentation and questions
» John McAneney, Macquarie University - Assessing the potential for, and limits to, insurance and market-based mechanisms for encouraging climate change adaptation.
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