This section is dedicated to presenting relevant climate change adaptation research.  Reports presented here come from NCCARF as well as other reputable Australian and international organisations.
  • This Policy Guidance Brief deals with the challenge of managing the urban water supply under climate change. The example location is south-west Western Australia (SWWA); SWWA is experiencing a long-term drying trend linked to climate change that will likely persist. The water management response contains useful lessons for a nation likely to experience similar conditions in the future.
  • This report presents the results of a synthesis and integrative research project that explored these issues through a critical review of relevant literature and case study research in two cities.
  • This Policy Guidance Brief deals with coastal management under climate change. It is built upon the experience of New South Wales, but is relevant to planning for the coastal zone throughout Australia.
  • This report by the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) shows that the property and construction sector is currently exposed to climate events and this is likely to be exacerbated by climate change. Examples of adaptation options are also provided.
  • A new peer-reviewed study on key Australian ports looks at risks and resilience for both the port environment and its core infrastructure when facing expected impacts from climate change. With over 80 per cent of world trade carried by sea, ports essential to access global markets will face challenges over the coming decades due to climate change.