This section is dedicated to presenting relevant climate change adaptation research.  Reports presented here come from NCCARF as well as other reputable Australian and international organisations.
  • The key issue in this report is whether it would be socially desirable to provide enhanced post-cyclone emergency services in towns such as Cairns. One means of addressing the issue is to estimate the net social benefit that would accrue to Cairns residents.
  • This project explored the suitability of this technology for use in assessing and developing the capacity of the emergency response sector, as it adapts to climate change. A simulation system was developed to explore a particular issue regarding protection of property in a suburb prone to flash flooding. In particular the option of providing sandbag depots was explored.
  • Focused on four disaster-impacted communities: Beechworth and Bendigo (VIC) and Ingham and Innisfail (QLD) this report makes recommendations for emergency management and local government policies.
  • This report addresses the need for collaborative frameworks for institutional decision making under uncertainty, and economic strategies to allocate risk, when planning to adapt to climate change.
  • This report outlines the findings of a study that has sought to inform policy making concerned with preparing strata titled communities to deal with challenges that are expected to result from climate change. The report develops and analyses 24 recommendations designed to advance the capacity of strata titled communities to cope with climate change.