Welcome to the NCCARF Business Portal,  created by the National Climate Change Research Facility (NCCARF) to provide climate change adaptation information for the private sector.

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) is a unique venture established by the Australian Government in 2008 to harness and coordinate the capabilities of Australia’s researchers, to generate and communicate the knowledge decision-makers need for successful adaptation to climate change. For more information on NCCARF's vision, mission and core objectives please click here.

About the NCCARF Business Sector Website

In this site you will find examples of business leaders in climate change adaptation, sector-specific information on climate change risks and opportunities, links to relevant NCCARF research, interesting news articles, conversations from industry leaders, links to peer-reviewed climate science updates and a platform for you to provide your insight on the Blog.

Climate change presents businesses with a broad array of risks and opportunities.  As the increase of extreme events manifests the world is witnessing how changes in climate (and associated responses) in one location can send ripples through businesses throughout the world.  Whether it is flooding in Bangkok shaping sales of vehicles in Australia or a Superstorm in the US increasing the share price those manufacturing generator’s it is evident that a combination of complex systems has the far reaching economic ramifications.    The World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Risk report listed the failure to consider climate change adaptation as one of the top ten risks.

This site aims to provide a platform for those in the private sector to explore the potential effects of climate change and identify opportunities associated with adaptation.  This site contains links to NCCARF and other research, insightful interviews with industry and local and international case studies to help Australian organisations adapt to climate change.

We welcome your comments on the information provided and encourage you to share examples of projects and your insight on barrier and enablers to climate change adaptation in the private sector.

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