The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) works to support decision makers throughout Australia as they prepare for and manage the risks of climate change and sea-level rise.

NCCARF is currently developing a three year program (2014-17) to address the adaptation needs of decision makers and practitioners, especially in the coastal zone, as they deal with projected impacts such as more frequent and more intense heatwaves, increasing risk of flooding from rivers and the sea, and increasing coastal erosion.

Based at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, NCCARF has a national focus across Australia to build resilience to climate change in government, NGOs and the private sector. For more information on our aims and activities, please look through the Project Plan, or contact

This week in NCCARF...

Jean Palutikof will attend an expert meeting of the Torres Strait Regional Authority on adaptation and resilience planning. Dave Rissik will participate in a meeting to Develop a Resilience Strategy for Metropolitan Melbourne. Sarah Boulter will be at the 2015 NRM Planning for Climate Change Workshop in Sydney.

Last week, we were delighted with the turnout for the stakeholder consultation meetings, with 33 people attending in Hobart and 50 in Adelaide. Also, an article appeared in The Conversation written by Jean Palutikof on the need for adaptation, following the release of The Science of Climate Change: Q&A by the Australian Academy of Sciences.

What is Adaptation?

In a world where climate impacts are increasingly observable and adaptation actions are increasingly required, we showcase leading impacts and adaptation research and explore the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making.



A range of information products, including research reports, fact sheets, data, presentations and other outputs from NCCARF's research programs are now available.


Research Portfolio Factsheets

A series of factsheets featuring NCCARF's 140 research projects, organised by theme, sector, or state and territory. Each factsheet has a list of projects relevant to the theme, information on the investigators and delivery date, together with a short summary of each project.


Adaptation Networks

NCCARF’s Adaptation Research Networks, hosted by universities across Australia, are a community of researchers and practitioners working together to progress climate change adaptation knowledge.


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